after trying to find actual notes for effing ever i finally came up with this that I found on a different site. Please add/modify as you see fit as these changes might be outdated I'm not sure.

Twilight Transcendence: Removes curable effects, 50% less damage taken, 50% Maximum Health healed over 4 seconds. - Old is 100% immune for 3s.
Fell Blades: Old + The rogue gets healed for 20% of any heal the cursed enemy receives.
Primal Death: Increases damage of your primal strike by 5/10/15%.
Primal Strike: Now deals death damage.
Enkindle: Increases the attack power bonus of your Fire based attacks by 10/20/30%.
Living Flame: Added a 50% damage bonus from Attack power is applied to this attack.

Baneful Touch: Increases all damage of weapon enchantments by 20%. Last 1 Hour.
Enduring Brew: No longer a dot, scales with attack power. 1 minute cooldown.
Poison Mastery: Increases the attack power bonus of your poison-coated by 10/20/30/40/50%. And increase the chance of appling poisons to your enemy by 4/8/12/16/20%. - (up from 2/4/6/8/10%)
Expose Weakness: Now Scales with Attack Power. Now has a 20s cooldown.
Backstab: 150% Attack Power applied instead of 100%.
Assassinate: Also ignores 50% of armor now.
Leeching Poison: Now a 14 point ability.
Physical Trauma: Increases damage of your Puncture, Jagged Strike, and Impale by 15/30%. Your Impale causes targets to take an additional 15/30% damage from your Final Blow.

Shadow Fire: Increases damage with Ranged Weapons by 13% for 25 seconds, increases by 1% for every point spent above 14. (changed from 35% boost always)
Master Huntsman: Increased the healing debuff from Dire Wolf Pet to 10/20/30/40/50% (up from 6/12/18/24/30%).
Killing Focus: Now effects both melee as well as ranged weapons.

Comment on Munitions: You can have up 2 activated at the same time. However those 2 includes the sin/nb buffs also. All has a 100% proc rate.

Master Archer: Whenever you are standing still +4/8/12/16/20% extra damage.
All Pedestals: Removed
Single Minded Focus: Increases the damage of all single target attacks by 5%.
Electrified Munitions: 14 points - Old Master Archer it seems.
Invigorating Munitions: 18 points - All ranged attack abilties give back 2 energy.
Vampiric Munitions: 36 points - As incorrect tooltip currently. Correct thing is... Ranged weapon attacks apply a curse on the enemy, reducing healing by 50%. The Rogue also heals for 20% of any healing the cursed enemy receives.
Rending Munitions: 51 point - Ignores 25% of the targets armor.
Penetrating Shots: Now effects both melee as well as ranged weapons.
Penetrating Shots: Improved Fire Power now procs on melee weapons also.
Strafe: Removed the portion about Pedestals and instead now gets "An additional 100% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack".
Hit and Run: Removed.
Improved Hit and Run: Renamed to Hit and Run.
Deaden: Decreased energy cost reduced from 40 to 10.

Contra Tempo: Quick Strike and Precision has 25/50% chance for extra combo points.
Compound Attack: No longer has reduced damage to the extra targets (2nd and 3rd).
Turn the Tide: Now also take 10% less damage.
Weapon Barrge: Like all other interrupts in 1.5. This no longer deal damages.

Annihilate: Increases attack power by 20% for up to 1 min (depends on combo points) instead of a fixed amount.
Improved Rift Barrier: Removed
Planar Vortex: Whenever you plane shift 50% weapon damage on surrounding enemies for 4 seconds, generates a lot of threat, requires Guardian Phase.
Rift Barrier: Same as before, but also reflects the absorbed damage back to the caster.
Guardian Phase: Increased threat generation from 100% to 200%.
Stalker Phase: Buff is now applied after plane shifting, rather then just from Shadow Stalk and Shadow Assault. Giving you 100% uptime on the buff.
Shadow Blitz: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack.
Shadow Assault: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack.
Hasted Time: Increases your movement speed by 25/50% (up from 15/30%) for 4 seconds after Plane Shifting. This can only be triggered once every 10 seconds.
Freedom of movement: This effect can only be triggered once every 10 seconds.

Motif of Renewal: 6 Point - Plays a Motif that heals the rogue for X health every 3 seconds. Lasts 15 seconds. Does not stack with Motif of Regeneration. - Has the SAME healing per second as Regeneration. But self only.
Triumphant Spirit: Motif of Renewal added

Fragmentation Bomb: +50% damage bonus from Attack Power
Chemical Bomb: +50% damage bonus from Attack Power
Time Bomb: Damage appears to have been doubled
Annihilation Bomb: Damage appears to have been doubled, +50% damage bonus from Attack Power