It seems like its impossible to hold threat now.

I spam my threat attacks and pop shadow blitz and rift disturbance every time off CD and I am still constantly losing threat in raids. I loose threat just randomly to just about anything now and I throw Instigate and I only get it back for like a second before losing it again. To Spotters order, to almost any dps.. This happened a few times in Raid rifts last night. I have Screaming Stormshard in my sigil and the so-so Crustecean Talisman trinket both of which generate additional threat.

Then tonight I was one of the raid tanks in GSB and was constantly loosing agro to the cleric tank or dpsers. On Greenscale I was assigned main tank and spent a full 30 seconds bashing away before dps started and I lost threat to a mage. Not even a Warrior or Rogue dps a MAGE! And in those spots losing threat is a wipe. Got to the point where I had to go dps and a lesser geared warrior had to plant tank. And our primamry warrior tank had to switch from plant tank to Grennscale tank. Shockingly 3 wipes with me as tank and we one shot it when he tanked.

I have NEVER had threat issues like this before yesterday's patch. Just wondered if my rogue is bugged or if others are seeing this threat problem?