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Thread: Not able to que support

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    Default Not able to que support

    My bard recently hit 50, and for some reason even though I meet the hit requirements and I'm able to que as dps, I'm not able to que as support. I don't know what the problem is either, because when I try to que strictly as support a message pops up saying I do not meet the gear requirements for the selected role, but it doesn't tell me what the problem is. I'm wondering if it's a gear thing, maybe I need more dexterity or attack power or something. It just stumps me as to why I can que as dps, and not support. If it matters my build is 40/13/13 bard, NB, BD. Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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    I had a similar problem. Turns out there is a minimum dexterity requirement. Get yourself some +dexterity enchants to all three of your weapons and you should be good.

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