So I was messing around and had a chance to duel a warrior with this spec and I did pretty well. I think this spec is a combination of Gunblade and Nightman, but I want to repost it since the Nightblade tree had some changes to it that will help out with PvP.


I think I was also able to down the warrior pretty well because I've been running Nightman for the last 2+ months, so I know how the spec works very well, and this is extremely similar to it. So, if you want the guide/tutorial on the spec just check out Orangu's Nightman post. This spec uses all the same abilities minus the knockback.

The MAIN difference now is that this build has Twilight Transcendence which is a 50% heal over 4 seconds (~650 HP per tick at 6.6K HP) and a damage reduction of 50%. I didn't use Fell Blades on him because he wasn't being healed, but that also had a modification made to it. Now when the target that you attacked is being healed you receive 20% of that healing in return.

The warrior I dueled wanted me to post this here, so I did. I'm not taking any credit for this build as people probably already run it now, it just received a nice mega boost from 1.5.

I hope this spec can be used on live when 1.5 comes out because more likely than not I'll be running this in Warfronts.