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Thread: Any good builds for marksman bard?

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    Default Any good builds for marksman bard?

    Hi guys. Im kinda into the rp thing so i want to play my character as a marksman or ranger with some bard even if its not the best combo...Are there any builds or rotation guides floating around?

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    Ranger/Bard is pretty much the best levelling/questing build early on - talented Cadence makes your pet more or less invincible while it holds aggro - but it kills really slowly. If you're straight-up solo questing, Ranger remains pretty good, especially once you get the upgraded Razorbeast pet, and Marksman synergises well with it, and Bard is a decent enough third soul. You're not going to do anything amazing with a build like that, but it's more than serviceable, and if you enjoy playing that way then go for it.

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