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Thread: Ranged PVE DPS builds?

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    Default Ranged PVE DPS builds?

    Are 44sab and Sozu ranger the only decent ones at the moment? Which one scales better with gear - I just got a sweet relic bow from Alsbeth (yes, my guild is months behind the curve, deal with it) and I'm wondering how to make best use of it. And are the 1.5 changes as they are on the PTS looking like they'll actually make deep MM worthwhile for PVE?

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    For single-target ranged, I think sozu is still best on live.

    on pts, the top ranged builds are 29 ranger/20 mm/17 sin, sozu and 41 ranger/20 mm/5 rift

    I found the 29 ranger/20 mm/17 sin parsed the highest for my gear, mostly rank 8 with r8 bow. Sozu spec might still be best for movement heavy fights though cause it's less reliant on the standing still dmg bonus.

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