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Thread: Deadeye Shot bugged?

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    Default Deadeye Shot bugged?

    Do anyone having issue with Deadeye Shot not shooting off? I thought it was me. But after reviewing the combat log, it apparently that it is bugged. What happen was that when I got 5 combo point on the target, I begin to cast Deadeye shot, then at the end of the casting. It just stop, there is no "interrupted" on the cast bar. It just completed casting and that it. And I still see the 5 combo point on the target. I thought the target dodged it or parried it. But checking the combat log, it was like this

    Yefma begins casting Deadeye Shot
    <insert random combat log>
    Yefma begins casting Deadeye Shot
    Yefma's Deadeye Shot hits <target name> for 123 Physical damage
    See between two casting, that where it just didnt happen. When I cast it, it went all the way to the end then end off with golden flash when it reached to the end. That indicated the Deadeye Shot completed casting and shoot to the target. But it just didn't happen. I watched the target closely while doing Deadeye Shot and there is no dodge or parried on SCT message. I am not sure if the server is registering my Deadeye Shot. 50% it did shoot off to the target, however 50% of the time, it just completed casting and didn't shoot off. And I didn't move while casting, I just stand there and cast the Deadeye Shot, it just sometime won't shoot after the casting is completed.

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    I think you're the only person in history to fire Deadeye without HR/IHR active.

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