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Thread: Newbie Bard

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    Default Newbie Bard

    From the start, I have always been an offense oriented rogue but I'd like to change that.

    To keep it simple and to the point, does anyone have a recommended "rookie" bard build? If there's also a suggested rotation, please let me know as it would be a huge help. I would ideally be pure support, i.e. this is not an offense-based build, but rather one to help out with rifts, raids, etc.

    As I am level 44, I was thinking about something like this http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0Mcip.EIdViMskV

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    If you're going to go all in on bard like that, one thing I'd suggest is taking a point off of somewhere and putting it into virtuoso. Virtuoso can save the day. It's cool down isn't very long and if you get in a situation where your group needs you to spam.

    It is nice to have 44 points in so you get verse of vitality. I ran a bard/ranger build for dungeons so that I could have a decent dps output and also be buffing and doing light healing.

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    I'd go with this build at 44


    I moved around some points mainly to take some more dps talents. You're a support. That means helping with heals AND dps. Mostly all trash pulls you'll be dpsing anyway. And on boss fights they'll be times when it would be more beneficial to help dps when the heals has things pretty well in hand. And I went ahead and filled the other trees as well for ya

    Virtuoso is a must. Pure awesome. Will save many wipes with that 1 point.
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