I made a thread on the warrior forums asking if any of the PvP savvy warriors would come over to PTS to help us test some of our melee specs.

I have a melee spec or two in mind that I want to test out, but I hope more of you guys come out and test these adjustments. This is the time to actually test what Trion has done before it is shipped to live.

I took a day off from work because I was so effing excited to see these rogue adjustments (yes nerdy as hell, but this is the first major overhaul since forever ago for us) and I wanted to test it extensively. I know A BOAT LOAD of you guys have been crying and complaining, so here is your chance to put your word in for the rogue community.

I'll be on PTS most of the day (pending I don't fall asleep at my keyboard) messing around. Send me a tell and we can theorycraft or ******** around.

Hope you guys all come out.