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    This isn't new, I've heard a small handful of other people mention it. If you haven't tried it yet, and by try I mean give it a real go, you don't know what you're missing. This obviously is intended for p4+ players. It can kill just about anything (and with all it's cooldowns can kill multiple targets at once). I'm not going to go in to details (ie basic rotations, mechanics, counters, etc) because you'll either figure it out or you won't. So far it's the best melee build I've seen.
    It has incredible burst damage and very good survivability, meaning you can stay up long enough to put real pressure on opposing teams, and yes you can go toe to toe with opponents. Played right, you can expect to be near the top in damage/kb/kills etc (though you're not going to be on THE top, you're still a rogue).
    Casters of any sort are butter to this builds hot knife. Rogues who can't get away from you....see casters. Warriors...50/50.

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    This is a horrible spec and i don't think any Guardian rogues should use it.

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    You are doing it wrong, you forgot NUMBA ONE SPEC IN DA WORLD!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alder View Post
    This is a horrible spec and i don't think any Guardian rogues should use it.
    I see what you did there...
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