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Thread: Need help building rogue lvl.50

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    Default Need help building rogue lvl.50

    Recently I hit level 50 yesterday and in war I've been getting killed in about 2-3 seconds, It's horrible I never knew it would be this bad. Currently I'm just using bard to support the other players in war-front.

    This is my current build:
    (I use nightblade because of 15% damage when building combo and 15% finisher dmg also hellfire blades 5% more dmg + burn enemy)
    Riftstalker I just threw random crap in there dont really know what I'm doing

    Any suggestions on my build please be welcome to post

    I'm not qqing just trying to figure out ways to improve my character.

    Question: Will lvl50 war will be a pain in the *** until what prestige?
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    stonerunner, MM or bard

    chose one ;)

    if your above P6 you can **** around with other souls, maybe actually enjoy playing assassin a little too, but if you actually want to dps go warrior or cross your fingers Trion hits that 1 in 5 chance* that the random ill thought out changes in 1.5 actually helps the melee dps rogue...

    *-that numbers just based off the level of blind belief i have have left in Trion that they will actually FIX a class in a path

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