My rogue can only kill any high level class in pvp,
and because of that I am top dps and top kills in WF, whatmore I have the highest HP with highest heal! I can literally kill any class who have full health
I am so happy that when I am put at same level with same gear with warriors, cleric and mages I can kill them in pvp exept rogue.

My time with my rogue was very productive and has plenty of happy moments

Play rogue it's very fun class, all classes than this class are not very fun like cleric they always die in pvp, warrior they do crap damage and crap tanking, and mages does the same but crappier damage. My rogue can do all that and I think they should nerf my class or even remove it.

Now read it and make the underline words turn thier meaning opposite like this

oh yea! hurray for rogue I can stealth for hours, I am really good at hiding and watching things from a far and leeching favor points w/o doing anything.