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Thread: Vengeance...what gives

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    Default Vengeance...what gives

    So i am adapting to the changes from the last hotfix, figuring out who to target (rogues and non-s/b warriors) and who to avoid (anyone with the slightest hint of healing) when I am checking out my new armor (i just hit rank 5). So I tab over the Vengeance stat to see what up and I see this. Now i have 25 vengeance mind you. According to the tooltip, 25 vengeance is adding 2.5 dps to my physical attacks. So im thinking sweet, im a 51 sin/15 bd/0 bd so essentially, all my attacks are physical. Then I get my ADD under control and keep reading. Apparently, my 25 vengeance also add 5 dps to all my MAGICAL attacks. So i think to myself, that doesnt seem right. Why would it add more to magical attacks than physical attacks? Aren't magical attacks mitigated by only valor while physical attacks are mitigated by valor THEN armor class. Hmm, that doesnt seem right at all. So my question to you all is what gives?


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    1 SP has always been worth 2 AP in terms of "ability DPS" conversion.

    Vengeance is AP/SP that only applies against players.
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    get a healing debuff or a damage cooldown kill dem healerz!

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    When time allows I'll be looking at the issue with the class guys.

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