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Thread: Cadence not working as intended/described

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    Default Cadence not working as intended/described

    Cadence's description says that it cannot be dodged, parried or blocked. I didn't notice this before the most recent patch (although I wasn't looking for it so it may have been bugged beforehand) but since updating yesterday I am seeing a large number of dodges and parries when I cast Cadence. One mob managed to simultaneously dodge and parry the instant I cast Cadence, the cast then failing due to this incredibly athletic performance... from a fat lizard. This was while farming hides from mobs 7 levels lower than my bard. It wasn't my mistaking dodged pet attacks, something I initially considered, as I positioned myself so that the two streams of damage text were quite separate from each other.
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    I have seen my cadence get dodged as well. Wasn't aware it was unable to be dodged until you pointed it ou though lol. Makes sense, not like you can dodge someone strumming a lute.
    know what would be nice? Bard weapons. Like lutes you can pop in your ranged slot.
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    It seems to be bugged against enemies lower in level, including hit rating. (I can't miss on a raid boss, but a level 44 can dodge my attacks? Nice...)

    Although I have seen Reprisal (same deal as cadence, can't be avoided no matter what...) gets dodged or parried a lot lately... even on bosses my level or higher.

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    Mobs can pop CDs, too, you know.
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    Yes is annoying when cadance is been dodged.
    But is OK since is the only problem of rog...
    Oh wait...

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