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Thread: Awakening Recruiting 2 Rogue DPS/Bard for HK (Seastone Server)

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    Default Awakening Recruiting 2 Rogue DPS/Bard for HK (Seastone Server)

    Awakening is currnetly looking to fill at least 1 or 2 spot in our main HK raid group with some solid rogue DPS. We are currently 3/10 in HK and all 2 of our current DPS rogues have their weapons and a lot of gear. We are looking to get at least 4 total Rogue DPS which means we need 2 more right now to balance out our raid.

    Rogues must have 320 hit and a decent amount of T3 gear. We have a friendly rogue officer who can help with specs and rotation if needed.

    Please either contact me over the forums or apply at our website, http://awakeningguild.enjin.com/home

    Pretty much at least one guaranteed fulltime spot in our raid right now for a rogue DPS!!

    (I realise this may not be the right spot to place this post, but it has been tough finding DPS rogues on our server currently and figured this class forum might be a smart spot to make a post until a mod decides whether to remove it or not )

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    If only you were guardian, I would be the bard for you. ;)
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