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Thread: PvP Sabodancer Thoughts

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    Default PvP Sabodancer Thoughts

    Ok, so I just tried a Sabodancer PvP build. I went Sab/BD/Assassin. I was getting a little disgruntled trying to find a decent AoE build for PvP and this is what I came up with after seeing it mentioned. Here are my conclusions.

    Conclusion #1: This is the highest damage AoE build I have seen on a Rogue for PvP.

    Conclusion #2: While doing great damage, the truth is that it requires more setup, has less survivability, and still does less damage than Mage or Cleric AoE. I don't think the individual hits are less, but it is a temperamental build to say the least. If your target cleanses, you do no damage. If your target dies before you detonate, you do no damage. If you die before you detonate, you do no damage.

    Conclusion #3: Again, this is just another example of how Deadly Dance is exactly like SLI. Top performing builds for PvP and PvE pretty much need it to even enter the same ballpark as the other three classes.

    All in all, it is nice that I have more to do now in the huge cluster**** maps. On the other hand, it is frustrating that a build like this doesn't do the DPS of other classes, yet has less survivability by far, and less utility. The Rogue isn't "gimped" by any means with a good player behind the wheel, but again this just illustrates one huge flaw with their current state. They do less damage and have less survivability than the other classes. In my mind, a Rogue SHOULD have lower survivability, but I have to ask, where is the damage to compensate?
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