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Thread: PvP Saboteur/Nightblade Support Build?

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    Default PvP Saboteur/Nightblade Support Build?

    I was trying to come up with a build to maximize the number of people I could hit with Fell Blades. The idea is to support my side by making healing harder for the other team.

    Up to know I've been mixing Marksman or Ranger with Nightblade like many to debuff and kill from range.

    But what if I used Saboteur instead? With Shrapnel Charges I should be able to debuff several people more quickly. The idea is to support other DPS by debuffing and dealing final blows when when target is low.

    Has anyone tried this before?

    Here is what I came up with: SabBlade PvP Support

    What do you guys think? Would it work? Any suggestions?

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    Default intresting

    Intresting idea but personaly I would drop the land mines they really dont do that much damage, instead I would grab dusk to dawn as I have a full pvp nightblade/inf and dusk to dawn really helps not only keeping a healer stuck so others can pound on them but it has saved my healer's rear more then once when I pop it so that they can run away from the annoying warrior that was determined to stick their sword some where not every nice!

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