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Thread: Warking- Bard Build - Raid Bard

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    Default Warking- Bard Build - Raid Bard

    First the build:

    What this build offers over other builds is piercing shot.

    Bard primary focus is utility. Granted a bard can put out good healing number however this build will not take away more than what you gain.

    This build allows you to run your raids without a ranger. This has shown to increase dps raid wide offering more than the little healing lost (which should not be required).

    I am not going to post a rotation because bard rotations are situational however keep Piercing Shot up at all times on the focus target.

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    I understand where you're coming from, bard is there for buffs/debuffs. However... looking at archon, who would you rather group with, an archon who does 400 dps or an archon who does 1k dps if they provide the same buffs? I'd rather group with the archon who provides 1k dps.

    The extra armor debuff from ranger isn't worth specing for imo. It's not enough of a boost to make a rogue go ranger in a raid, nor even have a ranger spec into it because it's a dps loss.

    I see a lot of bards play bard to just buff and don't worry about dps or whatnot... in my opinion they are bad. Yes, bad. On Sicaron I can pull 1500 hps. That means 1 less healer, which means 1 more dps. With a build like yours, you'd buff everyone's dps a little, but there'd be 1 less dps. That means less raid dps = harder encounter.

    Hell, I used to be guilded with a bard who pulled 300 hps on Greenscale. He'd use ranger attacks. I think to play bard properly you need to vary your rotatation and focus on what the encounter requires, i.e. healing or dps while maintaining buffs. Your build can't do that. You're a one trick pony, who will perform poorly on a lot of encounters. People who think bards can't provide good healing are people who don't use parsers or group with bad bards.
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