Ok so ive been using my MM single target kill spec for a long time and the burst on it is IMO unmatched with H-N run but im thinking of branching out into playing a bard ( always just killing folks with burst is wearing thin plus some of the new mage specs and cleric specs dont allow it even if i stun them with paralyze the whole duration)
What would be the best tree's to put my Point into for bard? Would this also work for me PVE bard as im not trying to have 2 role slots taken.
As well what are the main abilities used while playing a bard in PvP
Im Rank 7 and feel stupid for asking these questions but never bothered to check , I target , I Kill or I Haul *** if cant kill lol

Thank you for any information you might lend me in this matter

Also point distribution would be wonderful along with the trees recommended

of Badmont