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Thread: Marksman potential help/fix ?

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    Default Marksman potential help/fix ?

    As a PvE soul Marksman is sorely wanting. It does have good burst for very short periods but then its damage drops to non existent.
    As it is now you get the 15 secs of hit and run a reload 15 secs and you are relegated to crappy damage till it pops again 1 min 24 secs later. This is if all goes well and you dont get stunned or knocked back etc.

    I propose this : Reduce Marksman energy costs from 33-50%. Or make the reduction = to the amount of points spent. Spend 38 points? energy costs are reduced by 38%. Hit and Run would be over and above this since its only a 15 second buff.

    I think this would be a good fix in that it doesnt increase damage across the board to skew PvP but allows for a deeply specced PvE Marksman to lay down a more consistent rate of fire.

    What do you think?

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    I think that the concept of a Marksman does not lead one to the conclusion that it SHOULD be a viable long term DPS spec. I think Marksman is exactly right as it is. On short duration fights it puts up reasonable DPS, with great burst DPS, and nice utility. In PvP it is working very well. I don't know of any Sniper/Marksman type concept that would lead you to believe it should output sustained damage. Generally snipers are formidable for a second, then they have to move/set up again before they regain their advantage. Seems like it is working as intended, and works very well.
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