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Thread: looking for help, please

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    Default looking for help, please

    First, I want to give thanks to the Rogue DPS Bible, that is what I have been using to level my rogue. It is very well written, lots of great information, details, and advice.

    My question is this:
    What am I doing wrong? My rogue is level 30. I am using the melee leveling build. I am blowing through content like crazy with only one problem: I am having a very hard time with elites, even elites that are as many as four to five levels below me. I have taken on groups of mobs in the Rock Ridge quest lines (hounds, dinos, and other humanoids) up to five and walked away with a pile at my feet and my health almost full. When I attack a single elite, usually a level 5 rift boss, unless I use everything (that includes a tablet, health potion, and a regen seed/tonic) and many times using the consumables will still leave me in ghost form.

    I have all my buffs up, I will even use side step before charging in to face the mob and still not seeing a reasonable chance at success. I am wearing mostly crafted leather armor with the appropriate level runes and quest reward weapons. I am using the builder macro to get to 5 cp then rotating my finishers to get as many debuffs I can on the elite. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

    I don't have a parser set up, but I hadn't seen a real need to as I am killing everything else so fast (on mobs my level I will flash of steel in and have 5 cps up in a second, hit deadly strike, and have another 4 cps up when the mob drops (maybe two seconds of fight time)

    Any suggestions?


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    Make a ranger spec and go far enough to at least get the greater razorbeast. Keep the heal spell rolling and dps your heart out
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    If it's a rift elite, make sure you've using green crystals. Other than that, don't be afraid to blow cooldowns, but don't use them until after you've engaged; using cooldowns before actually entering combat risks wasting some of those precious seconds. Also, if it's an elite with an number of non-elite adds, use them as free rift scavenger heals either by quickly grinding them down with single-target damage or using cleave combo point builders to build up a 5cp heal while also doing some damage to the elite.

    Finisher wise I'd just focus on burning it down as fast as possible; attack normal mobs around the elite to get any buff finishers up for 60s (false blade, etc etc.) as those might help, but you'll want max dps on the elite itself.

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