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Thread: A PvE DPS spec 24bd/23rs/19sin

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    Default A PvE DPS spec 24bd/23rs/19sin


    This is not meant to be the best dps build, it is meant to be a competitive alternative to the usual dps builds. I think that with stacking AP instead of crit, the Riftstalker's 15% increase to AP will be better than the Nightblade's 15% to finishers and cp builders. Hopefully this isn't a repost, I recall someone posting a Riftstalker dps build before, but I couldn't find it.

    Main CP macro
    #show Flash of Steel
    cast Precision Strike
    cast Puncture
    cast Flash of Steel
    cast Backstab
    cast Quick Strike
    cast Keen Strike
    cast Weapon Barrage

    Blink macro
    #show Shadow Assault
    cast Shadow Assault
    cast Shadow Blitz
    cast Shadow Stalk

    My stats are about 1000 crit and 800 ap with no buffs.
    This build does not work without having Living Energy or Anthem of Fervor.
    It parsed at 800 solo and 1000 with Fervor.

    -The first 5 cp that is available, use Annihilate and maintain it every minute.
    -Use the blink macro when the buffs are about to fall off. I have found that using it after the deadly strike in every other rotation is simple enough and consistent enough to maintain the buffs.

    -Highly mobile melee dps
    -Good for characters with a lower crit rating
    -Above the normal HP for dps classes

    -Very little aoe damage (Rift Disturbance, Twin Strike)
    -2 Buffs that need to be kept up
    -No Fervor or Living Energy, terrible dps

    Critique away.

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    Just curious to see if anyone else has tried this build yet. Any feedback would be helpful.

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