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Thread: Stats/Damage Calculation Question

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    Default Stats/Damage Calculation Question

    This is something I have been trying to figure out for awhile, with no luck on my own.

    1. How does attack power figure into damage calculation other than when a skill says, "An additional X% damage bonus from attack power is added."

    2. When does it benefit me more to stack ap instead of crit (at 33% chance to crit now, before any buffs)

    The second mainly applies to sabodancer spec (why I asked this in rogue forums).

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    As i understand it AP at base, with no modifier adds directly to your weapon DPS, so if you have a 29 dps weapon, and 500 ap, you should calculate as a 79 dps weapon. How specifically that translates into damage i am not quite sure, and it is probably nearly impossible to predict given the number of modifiers built into the souls/abilities.

    As for crit, it depends on if you are raiding or not. Ideally you would hit exactly the crit soft cap in full raid buffs. Since in Sabdancer a LOT of that crit comes from pure DEX, you have to figure that Resonance (bard buff from all 3 motifs being up) will contribute more significantly than it might in other specs/callings.

    This puts the recommended crit rating at 1000 before raid buffs/heroic pots. And you can adjust that number depending on what buffs you do/do not plan to receive. I have a separate source machine for my Sabdancer spec for this reason, since its crit rating is invariably higher than any other spec you are likely to run.
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