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Thread: Weekly skilltree updates would be nice - screw the balance

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    Default Weekly skilltree updates would be nice - screw the balance

    I don't really care if we are top DPS, best tanks and provide the best support as a bard, but pretty please, change something within the souls with each update.

    Pretty much since 1.2. we have the same speccs. No real competition between those speccs so far.

    I don't mind having fotm after each update, but let it change.
    Make larger balance updates and make souls that were useless powerfull and strong ones less desirable.
    Make it like GuildWars.. every 2-3 weaks an update to change the balance and let theorycrafters and build-designers (or whatever u call it) have some fun.

    I think with rift's soul system it would be far worse to have everything rather balanced and everyone sit on their couple of speccs for months then use the possibility and make new fun speccs every now and then.

    Of course it needs a clever team to do so, but u've proven that u are capable.
    I would love to create my own new little speccs every now and then and adapt to the changes u thought of rather then playing sabdancer for another 3 month.

    People might say i should stop caring about those extra 10%+ of damage certain speccs provide, but i get my enjoyment through being effective, but even more enjoyment when thinking about various speccs ... and i often sit there and watch at the empty soultree and can't think of anything that i didnt test already without being utter BS.

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    I actually wouldn't mind if they just made continuous unpublished tweaks to numbers to break min/maxing

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