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    Is it just me or does strafe seem underpowered? When i use it in PVP i watch the enemies health bar....it hits for like 200-300 and i was for the 1k+ dmg it is supposed to do over 4 seconds...yet their hp bar doesnt move. So i feel like strafe is a 31 point talent that is almost entirely useless unless an enemy has 200 hp or less.

    Am i missing something?

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    Be sure you are in your pedestal for the 20% damage buff. However, strafe's damage isn't amazing because that's not the point of it. It's 60 energy for 5 combo points. Compare that to 5 Swift Shots which would do more damage but for 90 more energy, and you get 5 CP for a deadeye shot either way.

    Also don't forget while strafing you're immune to stuns and snares, so it's great for running away while doing damage(if on the double is down).

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