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Thread: A question about pve builds

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    Default A question about pve builds

    Now people are always asking what the "best" spec is for various different content and the post are, for the most part, very helpful. My question is, what sort of gear lvl/stats are you supposed to be aiming for with these specs?

    With the Hoko spec are you supposed to hit the crit cap first and then start stacking ap? What about sabodancer? Should you wait to try melee specs such as these until you have better than T2 instance weapons and just stick with the ranged sabo spec/ some other ranged spec such as Sozu's or can you still put out good dps?

    These are the type of questions I have since I have just recently started raiding and have yet to get lucky enough to win a roll on any weapons (I keep getting beat by warriors). I realize that most of the min/maxers are WAY better geared and don't need to worry about these things anymore, but for us that do a little info would be great

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    Dual wield is now weaker than 2h for Warriors, again, so if they are still rolling on the weapons, you should have a quiet chat with the raid leader.

    That aside, general rules:

    1. MH DPS.
    2. OH DPS for BD-heavy builds.
    3. Dex.
    4. Crit until 1000 unbuffed.
    5. AP.

    If you're running heavy BD builds (RA/BD, BD/NB/AS), then you can get some more AP and a little less crit, but w/e.

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