Here is a fun build to play in the new BG, Scion, or any pvp situation with packs of bad guys ready to blow up.
Saboteur (26) / Bladedancer (23) / Riftstalker (17)

Strenght :
  • AOE Burst/Dot DPS : Sharpnels + Deadly Dance = Dead peoples.
  • High Evasion, mobility : RF Tps, BD avoidance.
  • Agressive positioning : While it's almost impossible to play a PVE sabodancer in PvP, this specs gives you all the tools to place that nasty deadly strike.

Weakness :
  • Sometimes depends on your opponents awarness, while you can land tremendous pain if you hit a pack with full charges+deadly dance, good player will stay away from their friends, and dispel your charges.
  • No AOE Silence

How to make things blow up :

1) Load your target from a safe distance. Use Sharpnels*4.
2) Teleport with one of your RF planar shift abilities on your target. This gives you +15% damage, fifth combo point, a shield. and the opportunity to go to 3).
3) Deadly Strike->Sharpnels->Detonate.

After this little explosion, people may start attacking you, it's time to teleport to safety while charging another target with Sharpnels*5. This time, no deadly strike needed, and you can detonate as soon as you've reached 5 sharpnels.

Rince n' Repeat !


-Don't forget to use your AOE Snare/Stun, great for offense, or defense.
-Play with a cabalist, synchronize, kill 10 people in 2 seconds.

Boom !