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Thread: Rogue Runes/Essences

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    Default Rogue Runes/Essences

    I've had a look through the first page or two and at the compendium but i can't see a list or guide for what runes and essences are best for the rogue souls

    At 50 I currently have a ranged DPS and bard set up with an old Riftstalker tank that has terrible gear.

    what runes/essences would you suggest for them.

    Currently my bard has a heal spells have a chance to heal x over 8 and a heals increase attack and SP for 20 seconds and random lessers

    my DPS has even worse lessers and the chance to deal x and heal x with physical abilities greater.

    all suggestions are welcome.

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    Icewatch Head Rune
    Dragonslayer Legs Rune
    Mathos Belt Rune
    10 Dex to Weapons (as you never really need hit as a Bard)
    13 Dex to Shoulders
    11 Endurance (or the Unseen Rep Rune)
    15 Phys Crit Gloves Rune

    All of this and the BiS essences can be found with this tool here:

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