I've been having alot of trouble coming up with a PvP spec I can actually get kills with easily. While I'm only P2 and don't really have super leet PvP gear, I just find it really hard to get kills in general. Even against other Rogues and Mages, which really shouldn't give me a ton of problems. I typically have to have at least one or two other people with me to get legit kills. Was hoping the delightful Rogue community could help me come up with something to solve this dilemma.

Since I'm only P2 I can't go very far into Inf to get Anathema and some of the other nice perks. I've tried running MM and just have a lot of trouble still because I'm so squishy. I've tried deep NB, deep Sin, a Sin/NB hybrid. Regardless of the build I was in I still encountered many problems. I have a pretty good general since of how everything is supposed to be played, but I still seem to come up short on every attempted kill.

I just need a decent spec that works well in Warfront encounters and World PvP encounters (for dailies, rifts, and such). Would anyone care to give me some suggestions, maybe builds that include some survivability while maintaining good damage output.