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Thread: Slip Away and NPC Aggro

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    Default Slip Away and NPC Aggro

    Slip Away is broken. Unless it is not intended to be effective against NPC's, then something is wrong. I will slip away all the time in Scion, yet often a guardian Lieutenant NPC is still chasing me and beating on me while I am in stealth. Same thing happens in open-world PvP at ZR and other places -- I slip away from a player and the Order of Mathos or Icewatch NPC's start following me and beating on me while I'm in stealth. Then of course, the human players sees this, finds me and kills me.

    This has been going on ever since I started playing this game a couple of months ago. Will it ever be fixed or is it intentional?

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    Those stupid lieutenants chase you way too long. They should stop at some point, because if nobody else is around to help you that son of a ***** will kill you.

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