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Thread: Planar essence

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    Default Planar essence

    Trying to figure out what I should do with essences. Is it better to go all lessers, which would mean the DPS rogue oriented lesser from each plane vendor then 1 from a Raid Rift drop, or is it best to get 4 of the planar vendor essenses and 2 greaters?

    I know for sure the first one I should get is Eastern Winds, as it is likely the best essence in the game for rogue. Just looking for a general idea of what to aim for.

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    Is it better to go all lessers,
    Generally, yes.

    If you are Guardian, there is a quest reward Greater that is pretty good.

    If you play Ranger/Marksman 24x7, the Greater that buffs Shadow Fire is good. The rest ... no, unfortunately.

    Check the rogue gear website for specific recommendations.

    If you're starting out with lesser gear, I would recommend:

    1. Eastern Winds
    2. Burning Spark
    3. Flowing River
    4. Woodland Hunt (or whichever the Dex/AP one from Life was)

    After that it gets rather specific depending on which spec you're running and the stats on your gear.

    Necrotic Rites, Rushing River, Sharp Crystal, Final Cut are all effective for the remainder depending on your specific gear. With high gear levels, you'll eventually replace Burning Spark with an AP lesser, and possibly even Eastern Winds as well (not super likely, but possible).


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