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Thread: Rogue tank, throwing utility skill ideas about

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    Default Rogue tank, throwing utility skill ideas about

    So warrior tanks get spotters, bringing huge raid dps.
    Cleric tanks have a battle res and a heal.

    I raised a point about a "high dps tank" idea to balance the addition of spotters by warriors. But that kills diversity as its just damage in another form. What about if we dropped a terrible rogue tank skill and had instead:

    Rift Shield 5 point talent, passive - Whenever the rogue applies rift guard to himself, all party and raid members receive rift guard too. The Rift Guard on raid and party members has 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3% of the health of the Rogue.

    Meaning if I with 16k hp, apply a 5pt rift guard to myself, which I am doing constantly throughout the fight all the raid will receive a 35% damage shield, with (5*3%) 15% of my hp, or 2400 health. Could maybe even trade a different skill for a cooldown to provide the raid with a full version of rift guard (maybe instead of defer death?).

    This seems like a funky idea because it would keep diversity while bringing rogue tanks some more utility. If the raid leaders know the fight has heavy aoe damage involved they would try and work a rogue tank into the strategy to keep everyone alive, or at least assist in doing so. Feel free to dump suggestion for skills in here.


    The other idea which could also be added would be an intercept type ability.

    Planar Interception: "The rogue tears a small rift in front of the target for 6 seconds, causing any damage the target receives to travel through the rift, hitting the rogue instead." 30 second cooldown.

    In doing this you somewhat alleviate the rogue tank aoe threat issue as if anyone pulls aggro you can pop your planar interception if your taunt is on cooldown.


    Dump away folks
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    That shield idea isn't too bad actually

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    +rep for OP, I like the idea.

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    I agree that the RS needs something to define it. Basically, the RS is just a meat shield. They don't help the group other than keeping aggro, and while I often see the Warrior tanks in my group netting 4-600 dps, depending on group size, RS tanks are generally at like 2-300. Seriously, is the damage reduction on Guardian Phase really necessary? I don't think so. How about some group buffs? Something...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devious View Post
    So warrior tanks get spotters, bringing huge raid dps.
    Cleric tanks have a battle res and a heal.

    I raised a point about a "high dps tank" idea to balance the addition of spotters by warriors. But that kills diversity as its just damage in another form.
    Thats the problem. Almost every buff in the game is either damage by another name or healing by another name. Your idea about a group shield, is healing by another name. It's still a good idea though.

    About the only things we could have as buffs that aren't healing/damage by another name is things like runspeed and mana regeneration (which is getting close to healing by another name). If we want runspeed, we can already get it with 10pts bard, but you already (should) have a bard anyway.

    I like your idea about an intercept, EQ2 had the same thing as a basic skill for all tanks and it worked quite well, although it only lasted for a single hit for a long time.

    My ideas for utility are mostly things that would allow us to function (interupts, purges etc):

    1. Shadow Theft (30sec cooldown, 15 after Shadow Mastery)
    The rogue shifts themself and their target into the planes, ripping the enchantments from their foes and stealing them for themselves. This ability will purge one buff from the target and apply it to the rogue for 15 seconds, or it's base duration, whichever is shorter.

    2. Call of the Shadows (8sec cooldown, 20m range)
    The rogue teleports their target to them. The shock of being shifted causes weapon damage plus 120-150 physical damage and interupts the target. If the target is immune to being teleported, they are still interupted and take damage. Awards 1 combo point. This attack generates additional threat.

    3. Shadow Riposte (Passive)
    Each time the rogue dodges or parries an attack, they strike back at their attacker, placing a stacking effect on the target. Each stack of this effect increases all damage on that target by 1% for 20 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times.

    4. Leaking Planes (Passive)
    The rogue shifts into the planes each time they dodge an attack. This shift leaks planar energies into their attackers, applying a stacking debuff on up to 10 targets within 10m range. Each stack of this effect reduces the target's outgoing damage by 1% for 20 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times.

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    Make Guard and Steel Stackable by 3 time each stack give a 5% bonus armor and raid wide buff for raid memebrs also some tweaks on aoe aggro holding and generation
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    Hm, well people are always insisting that Riftstalkers are the game's dedicated "anti-magic tank" however if you ask me they are rather lacking in anti-caster tools aside from raw mitgation. So a couple suggestions in that area.

    Dissipate - (passive) Causes Shadow Stalk, Shadow Assault and Shadow Blitz to Interrupt spells.
    (think of it as the target losing their concentration when you vanish during an enemy-targetted Planes Shift "Where the heck did that Riftstalker go?").

    Rift Thief - Steals the planar energies from around the target and channels it into his allies. Channelled Silence that builds threat and restores mana/energy/power to the Rogue's allies.
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