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Thread: 51sin/15inf Kiteasaurus Rex

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    Default 51sin/15inf Kiteasaurus Rex

    What do you guys do to catch up to that kiter who has the upper hand on you with an escape/sprint? 0pt Riftstalker?
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    1. 3rd spec is ranger so you get a spamable ranged attack + ranged finisher.
    2. Slip away & reopen to your advantage when back in range.
    3. Learn to read opponents' buffs. If they're specced to run then pick a different spec to deal with them or pick another target.
    4. Make sure you're using Malicious Strike about when your stun wears off (70% speed debuff).

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    Make sure you apply all bleeds, break line of sight if able or plink away with Ranger (depends on your health and targets health). If you have Barbed Shot on you, you need to stop moving or use Slip Away (this is the hardest thing to read and learn).

    Accept that a MM blowing cooldowns (Imp Hit and Run) with you not using Jagged Strike opener will still probably kill you. Jagged Strike/Puncture/Impale will kill most rogues though.

    The question is really if the kiter has a healer/willing to blow health consumables. The same tactics above apply but now the kiter is on the defensive.
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    4 option as I see it:

    1) use lot of dot... he will probably die faster than u or at least die with u...
    2) 0 point ranger... spammabe ranged attack and spammable finisher... if u'r a good sin after the opening your target should at least be in his low 30% of health... so a couple of shot and a finisher should do the work...
    3) 0 point sabo... ranged gt snare for 70% speed... noyhing to add...
    4) blinding powder... this can only be used if your target doesn't have dot on him (and noneelse is targeting him)... pretty rare for someone attached by a sin but it will anyway give u 1 or 2 sec to close in and use your melee snare...

    personally I don't like the 0 RS cause it is a 45 sec cd... and is not targetd so it's easy to go too long and if your oppnent is fast he can change direction and it wil be all for nought... (also if he change direction while u'r hitting the teleport u could find yourself at a greater distance than your original one)

    the option I use is the 0 sab... 15 sec cd for a ranged 70% snare is pretty good also it has group utility cause u can use it to snare not only your target but other's target too... or to give your healer some sec of breath from the melee train on his back whatch out to not use in the wrong moment or u will simply give your opponents a free diminishing return on snare... and u could probably regreat it a few sec later ^^
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    Ranged snare.


    Ranged Snare


    Port. (But hope you are good enough to port inside the 3m window.)


    You could open with Jagged, then malicious, Foul Play when they purge it. Then reapply MS when FP drops for 4 more secs of snare. Dont let them get to range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjahax View Post
    What do you guys do to catch up to that kiter who has the upper hand on you with an escape/sprint? 0pt Riftstalker?
    Vs those people: I switch to my MM-Eradicate Build.

    Eradicate their sprint, barbe, Keep eradicate, (shot,barbe or wtv ), eradicate...
    he will be unable to run away of you...

    If you cannot Switch soul.

    What I do: Knowing my target will probably going to outrun me..
    -I mark area for reinforce; I use Incapacitate or Confuse( that give a good 7sec )
    -I Jag/Impale then Stun( That give a good 3sec )
    If people are not here in 10sec,, something wrong... with your teamplay :P

    but the rest is situational; all depend what the other dude do... etc

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    I switched from ranger to swiftshot from 0 point marksmen. The speed increase not only allows you to close faster, but also helps people from catching you.

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    Wow, signs of intelligent life on the Rogue Forums.

    I'm impressed.

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    I'll risk getting shouted down again, and give you one of THE best melee closers. 2 pts MM for Hasted Shot.

    Alot of the suggestions get DRed or cleansed, or potentially get you close only to have separation again, or requires your target be almost dead already.

    2 pts MM is the one solution that gives you ranged damage while you close in for melee and stay in melee despite bunny hopping or further escape buttons that isn't subject to DR.

    It doesn't suck much to lose Anathema at the moment, but post 1.4 you probably won't want to. In the meantime, try it out and thank me later.

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    1) Change 15 inf for 15 bd
    2) sprint the face of those nasty kitters
    3) Spread love with some 2,5k Serpent Strikes
    4) ???
    5) PROFIT !!

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