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Thread: Questions from a soon to be For the new 50 level rogue

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    Default Questions from a soon to be For the new 50 level rogue

    Greetings to the Rift community,

    I am a closing to the first landmark for a rift player, my first 50 level character. That raised some questions for me.
    I come from a similar game (World of Warcraft) and i know that the next step is notoriety farming and acquiring the necessary gear for dungeons (50 level normal dungeons, T1 and T2), raid rifts and raids. My huge problem is that the amount of the different factions in the game is confusing me.

    1) As a ranged rogue (ranger first set, saboteur second spec) with a support(bard) as third spec, which factions are most crucial for me to start farming, even before i get to level 50?

    2) Does notoriety farming work like Wow reputation farming? Is there a set of daily quests i can do to raise my notoriety? Can i raise my notoriety by farming dungeons in normal or T1 level?

    3) I know that for T1 and T2 instances i need at least 100 hit. Till now, i haven't seen any piece of gear with hit on it. I imagine that the 50 level items will have some hit. Is there a "BiS" list of starting gear with crafted and notoriety pieces for the newly 50 level rogue?

    I know that my questions are not the easiest ones to answer. I am also aware of the fact that most of them must have been answered in the past. I have searched for these answers but i couldn't find anything solid till now. Can anyone direct me to the posts or sites that will answer my questions?

    Thanks in advance for any response (even for the troll ones).

    Note: English is not my first language so i will have to apologize for any syntax or grammatical errors.

    Edit: Can any moderator fix the thread title for me? "Questions from a soon to be 50 level rogue".
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    1)Doesnt go like that, by the time you have the notoriety to buy an item you have something from T2's thats much better, thats for the Revered/Glorified ones, the Friendly/Honored rings and necks are awesome starter stuff.

    2)Yeap, dailies that increase in number depending on what you are..1-2 more unlock the higher you go.

    Charmer's Caldera gives Dragonslayer, Abyssal Precipice gives Icewatch, and River of Souls (raid) gives Order of the Mathos, but mathos is easy after the changes a couple months back.

    You have to reach Glorified on all of them mainly for the enchants in the future, head/legs/belt.

    3)Getting the hit to 100 is rather easy (121+ if you dont want to see dodges from bosses in T2's), getting it to 220+ might be a bit harder.

    Basically with the Rings from Mathos then neck from Dragonslayer and maybe a craft or two you should easily be at 100 or more.

    as example.. 2 Mathos rings + Dragonslayer neck = 66 Hit, more than enough for T1's, add 3 craftable weapons and you are over 100 easily.

    Spined Compound Bow, perfect starter craftable, very easy to craft also..30 hit.

    Callous blade x 2, 25 hit each

    With just the above you are 66+30+50=146 hit.

    Now add the 2 enchants for head and pants 18 hit each..+36, add the small +9 or the big +13 Hit enchants on weapons..

    146+36+27=209 hit or if its the +13 enchant, 146+36+39=221 hit aka ready for raiding.

    Getting hit is really easy, its the players that dont know the game yet ;o

    With that 221 hit without even wearing gear..Counting a T2 helm and glove drop its + 50 hit easily.

    Your questions arent hard to answer at all ;p

    For a starter spec with the above bow i would suggest 44sabo/20sin/2 Ranger, for mass facerolling T2's its easily the best spec for dungeons from trash and bosses.
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    Thanks for your reply. I guess i will have to focus in Mathos and Dragonslayer notoriety and try to get the crafted weapons for the T1 instances.

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