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Thread: infiltrator soul

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    Default infiltrator soul

    What do you guys think, do you need atleast 10-15 points on infiltrator for PVP ? Is it kinda mandatory ?

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    eh, 44MM/22'Sin/0 inf works, so you don't need to put points in. Break Free is the best reason to have it as a 0+ point soul. If you have a build with 2 CC-removals (say, 51'Sin/15Inf) you can become immune to all CC for quite a while (due to the way DR works).

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    My spec has 15 INF in there. Anathema is good if you every find yourself 1 v 1 on a mage or you want to focus fire him down. Cleanse Soul is also great if a mage is trying to own you. You can get away without having it, but having it is really nice at least for my spec.

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    Offensive side of infiltrator up to 15 is indispensable as far as I'm concerned. You get quite a bit more damage vs. players (Murderous Thoughts is basically -150 valor from all of your targets) and some amazing tools for staying alive and keeping pressure on.

    Break Free gets you out of CC, 'nuff said. Nothing makes you look worse than having some guy run up to the flag you're guarding, hit you with a CC, and grab the flag while you're standing around like a chump. Same for that healer or mage you get down to 15%, then they squirrel you and heal to full.

    Cloudy Poison is tremendous for pressuring healers in group situations. Debilitating makes sure he doesn't get off any cast-time heals, Cloudy makes his hot spam OOM him faster. A healer with no mana is out of the fight.

    Cleanse Soul absolutely demolishes casters. That mage you're fighting pops Mortality? Cleanse soul to have him get a bunch of LOL IMMUNE all over his screen while you finish the job. Dominator hits you with Shackle and Transferrence? Get that **** off of you and go put it in his butt. Necro has you loaded down with AIDS? Turn all those GCDs he spent doing it into wasted time.

    Anethema is a straight-up anti-healer tool. Will get even better in 1.4 when they change it to a full-duration 50% incoming heal debuff, as you'll then be able to use it to help kill all sorts of healing targets.
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