I love the bladedancer specc to behonest, and right now i will be using a specc like this for lvl 50 <a href="http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1MVNM.VizAhR0o0dz.E0osu0ksz.0VR">Bladed ancer (32) / Ranger (26) / Assassin (8)</a>, thoughi would love to see the bladedancer specc become almost more of a dps/support type tree since it is kinda populated by buffs and talents that are nice yet so difficult to take them with being so deep in the tree.

One is the improved false blade talent which for 2 points to increase false blade by 6% dodge is nice, though i would have liked a more useful all around buff for a two point talent, though it might have to be upped to a three talent point one instead with these changes. I was thinking of having it give daughtless strike a ap/sp buff to everyone. While i would be having it increase the damage of deadly strike by a perctage or just leaving a dot when used. With the false blade abbility it might make it a univeral buff instead of a buff that is just on the rogue that used the abbility or making it give an equal bonus to the parry of the rogue that used it. Also It would be nice if that same talent would increase the number of targets that can be hit by or the damage of Compound strike since it is pretty lack luster as people have shown as well as has been said.

Second would be both the talents contra tempo, as well as turn the tide are vary good for tanking, though i would have prefered to see a way in the tree to use these as a non-tank specc or role, like some have said thru a abbiliy that makes them procced off the target of the abbility. Though i would reduce the effect of the two abbilities by abit atleast the turn the tide to about 5 or so percent increase.