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Thread: Suggestions to what prestige gear to buy at 50?

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    Default Suggestions to what prestige gear to buy at 50?

    Hi so I will ding 50 very soon and I wanna know what people think the best way to go as far as prestige gear at 50?

    I have saved 110-120k favor by the time I reach 50 in the next few days and planned to grab the rank 1 & 2 set and skip 3/4 and only take weapons (or use some T2 pve weapons).

    My reasons behind this are that after calculating the stats it showed that there wasn't a huge increase in stats from the 1st set and 2nd (I dont have them in front of me but it was like 1.4% crit, 30 AP, 500 or so HP) the main stat lose was valor at about 6% damage reduction. However the 1st set (no rings or neck) costs around 88k and the 2nd set costs around 230k. I feel that for an extra 6% dam reduction and a very small increase in stats that the 140k difference is a huge chunk of favor that could go towards rank 5/6 gear.

    Well I would like to hear what other people think and have experienced with the sets and if I should maybe do things in a different way.


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    Honestly, I didn't buy any gear till 5/6.
    Though I was stacked with Raid gear and as a Rogue, I am usually ranged, cloaked, or in a crystal/flag running spec. Meaning, I was never the one to get focused until about rank 4-5 when people know your name and KB's per round.

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    In my experience, you should probably pick up the r1/r2 set and then immediately spend every point you get on the r5/r6 gear. This is how I'm doing it on my cleric and I'm able to run around with 550 valor using just the r1/2 set, which isn't too bad.
    The grind to R6 is pretty long and you'll get pissed off quickly at how quickly you get destroyed if you going the entire way with 50 valor.


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