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Thread: rogue costumes

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    Default rogue costumes

    hey all, ive seen a fair few rogues that look awesome with the same costume and i was wondering what there using in there slots to look like this:



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    The helmet, [Cover of Night] drops off the last boss (Eliam the Corrupted) in expert Runic Descent.
    The shoulders are either T1 (Ravager's) or T2 (Marauder's) shoulders off of the lesser and greater relics vendors.
    The chestpiece is [Windblown Tunic] off of the last boss (Caelia the Stormtouched) in expert Charmer's Caldera.
    The legs are [Unnatural Legguards] from the last boss (Calyx the Ancient) in expert Abyssal Precipice.
    The boots are crafted (Steeled Leather Boots) or bought off the raid plaque vendor (Durne's Plundering Boots?)
    The gloves are like the shoulders, Ravager's or Marauders gloves from the T1 or T2 vendors, found in the Catari Command Center, the right-most area of Meridian.
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