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Thread: Seeking Advice on a test build.

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    Default Seeking Advice on a test build.

    Here is this build I have been testing: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...ho.Vw0Azsoohbz

    My Macro's look like this
    Main attack macro:
    #show Precision Strike
    cast precision strike
    cast Quick Strike
    cast Keen Strike
    cast weapon barrage

    Ebon fury / dusk strike / deadly strike combination:
    #show ebon Fury
    cast Ebon Fury
    cast Dusk Strike

    After Deadly Strike I put up Puncture, and to begin fights I use Flash of Steel.
    For my first 5 CP I use dauntless Strike for the 5% crit (if bard in group I do not use this, for I do not think it stacks with the bard buff, right?)

    I pop Cd's whenever they are available. Usually its like this... Flash of steel, main attack macro, dauntless strike, main attack macro, deadly strike, puncture, main attack macro, deadly strike, ebon fury macro combo, blade tempo, main attack macro, deadly strike until exhaustion wears off, then double coup, main attack macro, deadly strike. Repeat.

    Any suggestions on how I can improve this spec or if I need to use certain moves? I am usually a ranger or bard, but have been dabbling with melee specs. My goal is to produce a high-sustainable dps spec without using a pet or saboteur.

    Concering Fiery Spike, when should, if ever, should I use it?

    One more thing! Could somebody with good gear (good being either full t2 or some t3) test this spec and post how it stacks up versus your current spec? I have been fiddling with this for a few days now and want to see how it stacks up with gear, better rotations etc.

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    Rule of thumb is (PvE): If you have fiery spike, keep it up. Also, I see a lot of people suggest that you should put it on the bottom of your CP build macro, so you can keep generating combo points at range.

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    MAcro's and rotation:

    i use 3 macro's:

    1 Pt macro
    #show Blade Tempo
    cast backstab
    cast Blade Tempo
    cast quick strike
    cast keen strike

    2 Pt Macro
    #show dusk strike
    cast Precision Strike
    cast puncture
    cast dusk strike

    Ebon Macro
    #show Ebon Fury
    cast Dusk Strike
    cast Ebon Fury


    my rotation is as follows, i found this one similar like it on the internet and it seems to work great.

    stealth (pre-pull) > Expose (pre-pull) > Malady > Fiery Spike > Fiery Spike > Fiery Spike >
    1pt (if needed for 5 combo pt) > Deadly Strike

    after initial Rotation:
    Fiery Spike > 1pt > 1pt > 2pt > Deadly Strike

    Ebon Fury Rotation:
    Ebon Macro > Ebon Macro > Ebon Macro > Deadly Strike > Fiery Spike (to refresh stacks) >
    Ebon Macro > Ebon Macro > Ebon Macro > Deadly Strike (Repeat until ebon fades)



    the rotation remains the same but you sacrifice 4 seconds for your blade tempo for increased damage with your Spike and dusk strike.

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    ah, using fiery spike after deadly strike makes sense due to deadly dance, then it should generate a higher dot amount. good stuff ;D

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    There's nothing wrong with the build for PvE...

    1. Your rotation should be putting Puncture as the first ability used (if Backstab is not able to be used) or unless you are using Dusk Strike spam mode.
    2. Add Twilight Force after Dusk Strike in your macro spam. Sometimes you get knocked back and want to keep doing damage.
    3. Try to end every fight with Deadly Strike (no matter the combo points up) so that you have a quick jump start to the next PvE encounter.

    Fiery Spike is usually wasted DPS because fights don't last long enough.

    That being said, you'll find Rift Scavenger under RS to be more to your liking if you don't want to worry about #3.

    Honestly though, this "what works best in PvE" discussion all goes away when your daily PvE grinds are done with epics (main hand weapon) instead of blues. Stealth cooldown is your real inhibitor. It sure would be nice if the stealth cooldown was reduced to 3 - 5 seconds since stealth can't be entered into during combat anyways (except for the 2 special abilities on long cooldowns)...but that's another discussion.
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    ah sorry sorry, I forgot to mention that I was building this for bosses / raids.

    I made my new rotation as...

    (stealthed) Dark Malady, puncture, fiery spike, dauntless strike, fiery spike, main attack macro til 5 cp, deadly strike, fiery spike, puncture, main attack macro, deadly strike, fiery spike, pop ebon macro, repeat macro with deadly strike while using 1 fiery spike to hit 5 CP for each two deadly strike times (keeps fiery spike dot up), then when ebon fury macro ends and using a deadly strike i pop blade tempo then puncture, and repeat the whole process over again while popping CDs

    Concerning the spec, would it be wise to grab Flame Thrust for a ranged finisher?
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