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Thread: B/r/mm?

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    Default B/r/mm?

    im not very far into the game, but still i've had plenty of experience in MMOs
    be it EQ1 and 2 also play EQoA (/shudders), DAoC, WoW (pre cata/Lk), Final Fantasy, Aion... Various other Free MMos the list is about endless...

    so i do like my Ranged classes, but i like the bard class because only 2 games have it in true form... EQ which is hanging on by a thread, and rift. That being said, ATM im leveling using, Bard/Ranger/MM... bard is great for leveling at a range, pet to tank just in case, and MM will be moved in around lvl 15ish when the skills from bard start to run into healing...

    this is a great dps/support combo, i cant tell quite what the dps is but on average the mob(s) im fighting don't last long, i am able to solo rifts hit bonus stages and solo most of those not all but most...

    As for what i can see, even at later levels (just imo as an mmo geek) i see the combo of at least Bard and MM as being an asset

    at later lvls the MM abilities start to mature and actually hit pretty hard, this in combination with the motifs/fanfare/anthems of the bard as well as the healing make it somewhat of a force in pve. and the Ranger is not a Long term soul (for me) ranger is leveling soul... which will be replaced with possibly BD or something utilizing crit %

    im posting this to see what ppl think of my way for lack of a better term
    will be making a rift sig soonish

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    Bard matures into a very low DPS, high healing/buffing soul.

    MM matures into a PvP soul.

    Ranger matures into a PvE DPS soul.

    Might be able to mix bard and ranger for hybrid buffing/DPS in a dungeon, but MM is relatively lackluster at 50 and bard DPS is atrocious.

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