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Thread: 1.4 pvp BD stealth build

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    Default 1.4 pvp BD stealth build

    Just messing around and came up with this build http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...zooo.0VRfxoboz you got the healing debuff, perm-stealth, BD attacks. Is it a garbage pvp build with what we know about 1.4? I also have a little under 800 valor R6. like I said, i was just messing around and as far as rotations and macros it should be obvious. Thx guys

    edit.. I would go up to ignore pain. Cant link the full build for some reason and remove improved stealth
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    this is my build, and its much much more decent

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    I dunno, the change to Physical Trauma meaning that your impale increases final blow damage by 30% makes it very very tempting. Add in another 15% if you're behind and your final blow is going to land even harder than it did in the past.
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    Neither of these builds are very good (leaving out much of the "essentials" of Sin) with very low burst comparatively to a BD/Sin combo right now.

    Honestly, the spec to try in 1.4 is just straight 51 Sin/15 Infil/0 whatever. Sin gets a "much needed" and large boost to Final Blow. And Infil gets a game-changing redo on Anathema. Although I still think the bonus damage should trigger off of Puncture or Impale so Deadly Strike still is more useful always over Final Blow.

    NB (and the D2D change) also needs some looks because of all the talents that now affects Blazing Strike/Flame Thrust and addresses my biggest gripe with NB (finishing targets off) when Ebon Fury is down.
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