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Thread: Question about Bladedancer with Riftstalker

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    Default Question about Bladedancer with Riftstalker

    I'm new to Rift and am 20th level. I'm playing around with different leveling builds and the general consensus seems to be 13 RS with anything else, particularly BD/AS, seems to be the way to go.

    My question is that one of the biggest strengths of BD appears to be Deadly Dance, and RS is obviously Rift Scavenger. Yet one of those requires saving combo points and the other requires using them. So what do you do when out soloing with a BD/RS build once you've got 5 combo points?

    Also, when building up to 13 RS, on tier 2 when going 2/3 is it better to go with 2% less damage taken or 2% greater healing?

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    After 13 RS, you should put all your points in Bladedancer. If that soul is full too, put your points in Assassin (or nightblade, or Ranger, or bard, or Sabo etc etc hehe)

    As for your 5 combo points - Always use deadly dance unless the mob has < 5% health, then just save it. Although, if you are full health, it doesn't matter, just kill the mob.
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    13 RS
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    Saving/Using those combo points for BD or Riftstalker skills -

    This all depends on the health of the creature you're fighting and your health. If you have 5 combo points on the target and it's health is still over 40%. Use the Bladedancers Deadly dance.

    If it's health is under 40% and you've taken some damage, save those combo points as when you finish killing that creature, those combo points will heal you.

    Tactic works great when fighting multiple creatures. Using Twin Strike, pick one, dps it down, save 5 combo points on it for the heal after you kill it. Then find the other target you've wounded with Twin Strike, repeat.
    Get's easier with practice and you know the type of creatures you're fighting.

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