Below are links to both builds that I currently use for my rogue. The first build is the melee spec and the second is for ranged.

Sin / BD / Rift

My current gear level is a mix of blues, t1 & t2 or equivalent. I have 2 blue lessers (74 str, 87 dex, 32 atk, 88 phy crit for the source machine) & my chest is a t1 blue. I have 2 daggers at 29.2 dmg and 1.8 atk spd (obviously). Self buffed I have 701 atk pwr & close to 770 phy crit.

I have parsed this spec a variety of times on the boss dummy and average close to, if not above 600 dps over a span of 2+ minutes. For most dungeon groups this spec is running anywhere from 550 to 580 dps with the occasional drop to 520's due to the randomness of groups and each situation. Keep in mind that these numbers are self buffs ... except for maybe the occasional str buff. I have not parsed this spec in raids as I have not raided anything except the DRR or Mathos faction runs. 9 x out of 10 I am running as bard for strictly support.

This is key for those that do not understand the Sin spec. This if for those pesky boss encounters where the boss casts an aoe / dot at the beginning of the fight. Upon tank pulling / engaging the boss, tap Hidden Veil to stay in stealth. So ....

Hidden Veil, Expose Weakness
Jagged Strike, Puncture, Poison Malice - Baneful Touch
Keen Strike, Precision Strike, Backstab, Keen Strike - Dauntless Strike
Quick Strike, Keen Strike, Puncture, Keen Strike - Impale
Quick Strike, Backstab, Keen Strike, Precision Strike - Final Blow

After this rotation I typically use (this is solely based on how groups are going) Slip Away. At this point I follow the above pattern of combo point generation refreshing Impale, Baneful Touch & Dauntless Strike as needed. Other then that I will use Final Blow.

My second build is something that I decided to try out (have not parsed at this point).
Sin / Ranger / MM

This build focuses on a variety of things. Poison, bleeds & armor pen / reduction. In theory this should be comparable to some of the other top builds that are in game. Yes you miss out on the benefits that the NB soul gives you ... ie Blazing Fury & Coup De Grace. However, the added bonus to the bleeds & poisons should be enough to compare with ... or make up for the loss of dmg from the finishers.

MM Pedestal, Expose Weakness, Poison Malice (re-apply as needed) - added prior to or during tank pull
Piercing Shot, Splinter Shot, Shadow Fire (SS & SF can be switched) - Baneful Touch
Empowered Shot, Quick shot x2 - Deadeye Shot
Quick shot, Splinter Shot, Piercing Shot - Deadeye
Empowered Shot, Shadow Fire - Deadeye

I will edit this post once I get the chance to parse my 2nd build.
Also, if there are any t3 geared rogues bored that want to test out these spec's & rotations I would love to see what dps is with better gear.