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Thread: Is there any viable MM spec for Raiding 1000 dps +

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    Default Is there any viable MM spec for Raiding 1000 dps +


    When i started playing Rift i wanted to be a Marksman, when lvling i found that around lvl 35 i had to
    spec deeper into Ranger if i wanted to play ranged and after that Marksman hasnt been an option.

    This means i havent followed the changes to Markman or diffrent builds, so my question is, is it possible to play a Marksman and do decent dps in a raid, decent being 1000 dps +.

    Ive been raiding with the Sozu spec and thats ok, but i feel that i want to play as a Marksman.

    Would apriciate any input.

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    MM and Ranger do about 30%-50% less raiddps than sabodancer or the hoko spec.
    Best i could reach were actually 1k dps on pluto using mm/sin/nb
    But on this fight the other specs do 1,6k dps.
    So, no, there are no viable range-specs for raiding

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    What im using is:
    SPEC: 51 Marksman/11 Nightblade / 4 Riftstalker

    Stat Priority for this build is Dex-AP-Crit.
    Havent Tried it on Plutonus (my guild was lacking the numbers for 20 mans until last week) but im usualy doing over 900 DPS on fight that need me to manage my CD's (so no Quick Reload)

    Highest hit i have seen with this build is 5.6k crit Deadeye Shot During Uruluuk Burn Phase.
    Those nubers are using T2 Weapons with only belt and chest Raid drops as well as boots From Life Raid Rift

    [burst - Builder]
    #show Improved hit and run
    cast Improved hit and run
    cast Empowered shot

    [Burst - Finisher]
    #show Bull's Eye
    cast Bull's Eye
    cast Deadeye Shot

    [off CD Finisher]
    #show Hasted Shot
    cast Rapid Fire Shot
    cast Hasted Shot

    #show Lightning Fury
    cast Lightning Fury
    cast Fan Out

    Snipers Pedestal, Hellfire Blades and Planebound Resilience

    quite simple realy
    Start with
    4x [Swift Shot] - [off CD Finisher] (if you burst right away you will get agro)
    [Strafe] - [burst - Builder] (only for the buff} - [Burst - Finisher]
    then just use [burst - Builder] 2-3 times and [Burst - Finisher] until [Imroved Hit and run] runs out - [Quick Reload] and repeat from line 2
    you should be able to get one burst rotation off while Quick Relead is on CD so use it, you will have it again when quick reload comes off cd

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