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Thread: Lvling a Rogue.

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    Default Lvling a Rogue.

    Looking for help. I know most rogues lvl as ranger but that is kind of boring. if you had a full group all of the time What would you lvl as to max dmg for the group.?

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    Its all about personal preference, from what I've seen marksman and assassin dish out a ton of damage. Saboteur on the other hand is the versatile its work great for everything. I don't know if this is your first character or an ult, but leveling completely in a group environment is a little unrealistic. Rift and invasion can get repetitive (and isn't a good method in my opinion), and on my server the dungeon finder takes forever.

    here is a great leveling guide and spec. I know its for soloing but its works great as a tank for rifts or grinding with a buddy.

    And here is a site with some builds you can experiment with and see what you like.

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