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Thread: rogue solo question

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    Default rogue solo question

    I'm finally getting back into rift and now I'm at the dilemma of picking a class to focus on. mainly what I'm looking for is a class that can do pvp and solo a lot of stuff or elites with minimal fear of dying a horrible death. now i see threads on clerics able to solo pretty much everything, but the pvp ability seems lacking as far as dps goes. then i see threads on warriors basically doing the same thing, but I guess im just not seeing it since i die all the time. Now i think i like a lot of what rogues have to offer but I'm not finding the same kind of threads talking about their ability to handle rifts solo, elites, etc. it seems like pvp can be handled well enough though. just not sure, so I'm looking for a little direct insight as opposed to gleaning what i can from the forums.

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    Clerics are probably the best "solo" archetype in the game because they can heal themselves, but don't count Rogues out. You will be able to solo most elites and rifts of your own level. Warriors can do the same. It all comes down to what you like most.

    All classes can solo PvP and all classes can solo PvE.
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