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Thread: Music in my head

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    Arrow Music in my head

    1. Which stat affecting heal amount with Motif of Regeneration ?

    2. Gleaming Life Crystal work with Motif of Regeneration ?

    3. Motif of Encouragement...wtf, useless spell evar ? Critter will not fight for me =\

    4. Coda of Fury: "This attack cannot be blocked, parried or dodged"
    So why i have a lot of 'misses' message popup.

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    4. I dunno champ, but I generally don't feel the need to dodge, block or parry things that don't even hit me.
    Quote Originally Posted by pro View Post
    Rogues are completly fine to be honest.
    Quote Originally Posted by pro
    please stop qq about nerfs because i promise if u keep it up rift will shut down because they have no subribers and we will have wasted our money on a failed game simply because everyone was acting like little kids because they couldnt faceroll anyone and it actually took effort to kill them

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