I just saw the synergy crystals and it forces us into 51/15 if you are wanting to use the crystal properly idk what they can or need to do to balance it for PvE and PvP but i would really like to play MM in PvE and im sure im not the only one. Even fi its as simple as makign the 4 piece bonus affect marksman and sniper that gives us 12% mroe damage and makes us a viable PvE class. I am just wondering if there is gonna be any fix to this at all. Sabodancer and hoko spec are really boring to me( no offense to anyone) and want a viable ranged build. I have used the Sozu build and i do better with 38mm 17 sin 11 nb but still nto good enough to make it useable in a raid situation if i want to be a high end dpser.