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Thread: Transfered to PvP server. Which PvP specs should i have?

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    Default Transfered to PvP server. Which PvP specs should i have?

    I just transfered away from PvE servers coz they were ZzzzzZzZzz and hoping for some open world + warfront PvP but im wondering which PvP souls i should hve.
    So far i have 2 PvE souls (or plan 2) 1 tank for when i get bored and 1 DPS for solo (hoping to find a solo dps build that works fine in Openworld too).
    ATM i got my RS/ASN build which ive always enjoyed and will keep which leaves me with 2 specs. Planning on doing some MM or Sabo build (wanna try Sab pvp specs really) and 1 visual DPS build or a bard. cant decide.

    Basically, im asking which specs are fun for you guys ;)

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    The way it ends up in open world pvp is either be a chump and go 51 assassin like 90% of the rest of the rogues.. ooor do something creative and entertaining like ranger or saboteur as long as you're not easily butt hurt.

    The only real compromise i found was 44 Nightblade + MM or bladedancer, allot of solo survivability and enough utility to take down near anything (at least with the 2 min cooldowns up).

    Anyways best of luck
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