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Thread: PVE vs PVP gear question

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    Default PVE vs PVP gear question

    First off I pvp mostly as a 51 sin 15 inf. and do just fine. Currently wearing r3-r4 gear with r4 daggers and bow. Have no issues killing other players.

    ...but lately been doing t1's and t2's with guildies and im noticing my dps seems kinda low compared to what some post here. Ive tried alot of the pve specs ive seen posted here where ppl are parsing 1k plus dmg and I seem tohitcloser to 650-700ish. My question is this, is my pvp gear affecting my dps? Will getting the t1/t2 plaque gear boost dps much?

    As far as spec ive tried ive gone the sabo/sin nb route using the rotations ive seen here. Tried full MM with 10 in NB for dmg boosts and 5 in sin for crits and poison. Lsdt night tried ranger sin nb and like usual hitting 650-700ish.

    Any help is appreciated thanks in advance

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    Well yeah, the people posting 1k+ dummy parses usually have at least full t2 and pve weapons.
    Pvp gear is just not that good for pve.
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    Rogues are completly fine to be honest.
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    please stop qq about nerfs because i promise if u keep it up rift will shut down because they have no subribers and we will have wasted our money on a failed game simply because everyone was acting like little kids because they couldnt faceroll anyone and it actually took effort to kill them

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